Green Screen

Green Screen Technology

Guests in front of green screen

Green screen technology provides us with the facility to seemingly transport you to anywhere in the world.

You are photographed in front of the green screen and our software replaces the green with any background of your choice. This is how Harry Potter, Superman and Batman films are made.

I can bring the technology to your party, wedding, charity evenings, Ladies’ Nights etc.

I can photograph 15 or more people in front of my green screen. Everyone photographed receives a photo.

I have more than 80 backgrounds and have access to millions of others so that I can always provide any background requested.

All photos are large 8 x 6 inches rather than the small 6 x 4 inches from photobooths.

Consider this: – If it rains on your wedding day, I will photograph you against the screen and put you back against the background of your venue on a sunny day and nobody will know that avoided the rain. You cannot do that with a photobooth!

So why not get in touch and I will explain all.

Michael Belson L.M.P.A.

Michael’s Photos 07956 242622

Examples of pictures taken in front of my Green Screen